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Anarchy of the deckchair
Owner of Anarchy of the Deckchair
Owner of Anarchy of the Deckchair
Thank you for taking the time to look at my deckchairs and other products. I hope you have found something that makes you smile.
I started Anarchy of the Deckchair from my beachhut headquarters in Sandbanks. Unable to find fun deckchairs at an affordable price I decided to design my own. Anarchy of the Deckchair combines the traditional wooden deckchair with beautiful and unique pieces of art.
I am now lucky enough to work with a wonderful team of artists who paint, draw and design the work that is then made into beautiful canvas slings for my deckchairs.
All of my deckchairs have interchangeable wooden frames. So you can change the art sling as often as you like. One day you can have a beautifully painted sunflower on your deckchair and the next you can have David Bowie. Just by changing the deckchair sling.
My deckchairs are not only perfect for the beach , garden and festivals but wonderful statement pieces for inside your home too.
I love my little business and I really hope you all do too.
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