Pick and Mix Deckchair set. Pick any two designs of your choice.

Original price was: £160.00.Current price is: £99.00.

Pick and Mix deckchair set.

Pick any two deckchairs for £99 ( not including canopy deckchairs)

Choose the colour of your deckchair frames from grey, oak coloured and dark wood.

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Pick and Mix Deckchair set

Pick any two deckchairs for £99

(sunburst set now sold out)

(yellow sling with large strawberry sold out)

(No Riff Raff champagne deckchair sold out)

Two leopard print or two David Bowie’s or one Bowie and one Mick. You choose.

Just message me your two choices with your order.

Deckchairs have interchangeable slings so you can remove them in a couple of seconds either to change the sling or wash it at 30 degrees.

This set is available on either classic oak wood colour frame or the darker frame or a light grey frame.Just let me know your preference when you make your order.

I hope you love them.

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